The leader of environmentally friendly packaging.

For over forty years Coast Packaging has been servicing local and nationwide producers, we have been with some of our customers from their very beginning and helped them grow and succeed.
We are a household name in our market, appreciated and recognized for our long-time contributions to the industries we serve.
We have the correct packaging to suit your needs...
  • Molded fiber and rPET egg cartons, filler flats, and cappers.
  • Corrugated boxes, trays, and pads.
  • Plastic film and bags, custom printed and clear.
  • Food grade inks and solvents.
  • Pallet wrap, tapes, and twine.
  • And much more!

If you are looking for equipment to improve efficiencies in your production line, we represent the best manufacturers in the country.


Data printers, carton sealing equipment, case erectors, bag loaders, automated pallet wrappers and more…


We have the right solution for you!


Visit our machinery page for more details


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