If you need to bag it or wrap it, we've got you covered.

Plastic film and bags are an extraordinary way to pack your products, it is fully customizable and versatile, it offers some of the best printing capabilities to create eye-catching designs that can help you secure shelf space and reach higher retail sales.


It is food grade certified, and widely popular for automated or manual applications. It can also help you protect the integrity of your products by keeping dust and other contaminants away during transportation, warehousing, and especially while displayed to the final consumer.


It can resist hot and cold environments, and because of its light weight it is easy to store and transport. Flexible packaging is highly affordable, making it one of the greatest investments for innovative packaging, fully suitable for a vast majority of food, industrial, agricultural, and retail applications.


At Coast Packaging, we are proud to have close and long-standing relationships with the best manufacturers in the western United States, and we can service any region in the country.


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