Fulfillment packaging and JIT solutions.

Our service scope reaches well beyond just packaging materials supply, with Coast Warehouse offering food grade certified warehouses strategically located in Southern and Northern California, CPS Express with its modern fleet running thru California, Arizona, and Nevada, and Coast 3PL deployed logistics for nation and worldwide solutions, at Coast Packaging we can offer a complete Just-in-Time program to help your company increase your operation efficiencies, reduce your inventory management costs, and improve your bottom line profits.


We can deliver your packaging in full truckload quantities directly from the manufacturing floor, or safely store in our warehouses, and deliver JIT in the quantities and dates you need.


For systematic pick and pack, ongoing order, custom kitting, repacking, and other fulfillment solutions focused on accuracy, prompt shipping, and added value to your brand, our logistics specialists are ready to design the right program that will help your company reduce staffing, warehouse space, capital investment, and other common challenges, so you can better focus on the overall management of the strategic activities that can truly make a difference on your company's success and bright future.


The Haddy Sales companies, working in-sync together, is a long-time proven solution for all of your packaging, warehousing, and transportation needs.


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