If molded fiber can protect eggs, it can protect anything.

Molded Fiber has been around for nearly 120 years and it is considered the prime packaging material because of its superior protective benefits, environmentally friendly capabilities, light weight, packaging design versatility, and lower costs compared to other materials.


Some of their advantages include:


  • Made from recycled paper and can be recycled by consumers (check locally; not recyclable in all areas).
  • Strong bracing and cushioning provide a high protective performance.
  • Innovative mold design can develop protective packaging for every imaginable item.
  • Its nesting capability can help reduce warehouse storage and maximize shipping cube.
  • Molded fiber can be tinted, printed or labeled, to create visually rich packaging.


Coast Packaging is the molded fiber leader in the western United States, we helped our egg producer customers transition to it in the 1980’s.


If you are interested in this type of material, contact us and let us help you.


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