Professional food grade and industrial coding solutions.

Federal and local authorities recommend stamping "Open and Close Dates" on packages to improve food safety. An "Open Date" is a calendar date, where the manufacturer indicates the product is still at their best quality for consumption, a "Close Date" is a code applied by manufacturers to identify production date and time.


Date stamping help consumers ensure safety on food, beverages, and supplements.

It helps retailers manage the products displayed to their customers, and it helps producers and authorities proper track of food, toys, furniture, Etc. when safety recalls are needed.


Ink stamping is also a useful resource to mark packages with special messages, either for promotional, or legal labeling purposes.


Inventory management is another popular application for ink coding. Barcodes can be printed on boxes, labels, or pallet tags, which then can be read by scanners to upload its data to warehouse control systems.


Coast Packaging offers a comprehensive line of food grade and industrial inks and solvents to help you quickly respond to the fast-growing world of ink stamping requirements.


We also offer printing equipment solutions, please visit our Machinery and Equipment page for more information.


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We are official distributor for the eggshell ink used by

USDA and FDA approved for food additives


Red Ink and Flushing Solution are now available in our online shop


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